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What's new in Muusical?

Our goal is to catalog all of the free music on the internet in order to provide a listening experience that rivals any premium music service.

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Every song in the new Muusical has an associated artist. Users may add other information about the artist as well. You can find or add information like birthdate and location for every artist. All the changes are saved as versions. We can always revert back to a previous version if an incorrect change was made.


The addition of albums might be the most exciting part of the new Muusical. Now you may add songs to albums including their track number. Our platform allows users to add all the songs for an album as well as the metadata.

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At the heart of the new muusical are the individual songs. While listening to a song you may add it to your favorites, playlists, albums or add artists and featured artists.


What is metadata? Metadata is the information about a particular song such as title, artist(s), album, etc. Having well structured metadata is what allows you to look at all the albums by your favorite artist or play an entire album straight through on apps such as Spotify. The design of the free streaming sites online today don't allow for a collaborative effort to tackle the huge task of creating all this metadata. Together the users at Muusical are working towards the grand vision of organizing and structuring all the free music available online.


The Muusical Player

The muusical player is a cross platform music and video player embedded in the site. You may search, browse, add and edit music while continuously listening. Every song has a play button whether it is in an album, playlist or in search results. Clicking play starts the song and also loads the other songs on the page into the player as the current song list. It is a really great listening experience that you are going to love!