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What is Muusical.com?

Our goal is to catalog all of the free music on the internet in order to provide a listening experience that rivals any premium music service. There are literally billions of songs uploaded to free streaming sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud versus just 30 and 37 million on Spotify and Apple Music. The problem with the free streaming sites is the lack of structure in their music data. Music listeners expect songs to be organized by artist and album and to include other metadata. Muusical provides a platform to collaboratively catalog, organize and listen to the free streaming music.

We just released a huge update. In addition to the great player, Muusical is now a platform for cataloging all the free streaming music online today.

Muusical is the only free streaming music service with a structured music catalog.

There are billions of songs available to be added to Muusical today versus 30-37 million on Spotify and Apple Music.

Make playlists and follow playlists made by other users.

Share your playlists, favorite songs, aritsts and albums on facebook, twitter or anywhere. No need to worry if they have an account on the same music service as you, anyone can listen!

Our music player seamlessly plays songs from youtube, soundcloud and vimeo.   learn more.

Join a community of music geeks+lovers today and be a part of building something revolutionary for the whole world to use.

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Patrick Bradley


A saucy blend of artist and scientist.


Toms Rīts


Technically, he never combed his hair.