Internet Music Catalog - What, Why, and How?

August 14th, 2015

Muusical has undergone some major changes. We would like to explain what we hope to achieve, why we have chosen this direction and how these changes set the stage for us to get there. Our goal is to catalog all of the free music on the internet in order to provide a listening experience that rivals any premium music service. A free and structured streaming music library will be the next revolution in online music. We noticed a clear pattern in existing products in our industry as well as a strategy for Muusical to break from that pattern and offer something new to music listeners. We have created a platform for users to collaboratively catalog music from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud. Muusical's new platform enables users to easily add information like artist, featured artist, album and even track number. All of this new data is stored and indexed inside of Muusical as a free music catalog which you may listen to with the Muusical Player.

Muusical: Internet music catalog. Free streaming music with a structured catalog of music.

What: Our goal to organize the internet's music and make a free player better than the premium music services is certainly grandiose. It will require Muusical to pass through several stages in order to achieve it. The first stage is Read more is Entering Private Beta

July 13th, 2015

Today we are launching a brand new version of as a private beta release. We have introduced sweeping changes across the site and would like to first test these changes with a limited set of users before opening it up to the general public. If you have previously signed up for an account with you are already approved for the private beta. If you would like to join the private beta, create an account and we will send you a notification email when your account is approved.

Sign up for the private beta today!

We are very excited about this new version of Muusical. It represents a significant change in direction for us. The goal of Muusical is now to organize all of the free music on the internet into a site that offers a listening experience that rivals any of the premium music services currently available. There are literally billions of songs uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud versus just 30-37 million on Spotify and Apple Music. Read more

Announcing a New Format for

February 8th, 2015

We have decided to change the format of Muusical. Songs will no longer be divided into separate groups based on the day they were posted. This is in response to feedback from our users and a bit of our own contemplation. One of the great things about building a new product is that we can experiment and learn from our user's experiences.

New format ordered by "hotness".

Over the past few months users have told us about the difficulty accessing music Read more

Now Playing: Muusical's new player!

January 21th, 2015

Far and away the most often requested improvement to Muusical has been for a way to quickly and easily listen through all the songs on the front page. Our users wanted a way to sample all the new songs posted before delving in deeper to vote or comment on a particular song. The second biggest request was to listen to a song and have it continue playing while a person browses and interacts with the rest of the site.

We heard your feedback loud and clear, we needed to upgrade the listening experience on Muusical. We are proud today to show you Muusical's new player which solves the two biggest requests our users have consistently expressed and a good deal more.

Muusical's new player!

We chose a design that can be immersive but with a few clicks of the mouse (or keyboard) can also be nearly invisible. The new player has 3 main parts: Read more

New Look for Muusical

November 19th, 2014

Today we are launching a new version of We are also pleased to announce that Toms Rīts has joined our team. He has been working on this redesign with us for the last few months. Toms ( link to personal site ) is a designer and front-end developer currently living in Portugal. The new look and feel of muusical is largely Toms’ vision and I think you all will be very happy with his work.

Muusical was created with the goal of being the best place to find new music. Each day, our users vote and discuss songs they post, creating daily "Top 10" lists. Everyday brings a fresh set of music to listen to and talk about. There is so much music out there right now that finding what we really like can be daunting. We now have a new tool to make the search easier and really fun.

The focus of the redesign was to strengthen our community as well as give everyone a better listening experience. Here are the highlights of what is new:... Read more