Now Playing: Muusical's new player!

January 21th, 2015

Far and away the most often requested improvement to Muusical has been for a way to quickly and easily listen through all the songs on the front page. Our users wanted a way to sample all the new songs posted before delving in deeper to vote or comment on a particular song. The second biggest request was to listen to a song and have it continue playing while a person browses and interacts with the rest of the site.

We heard your feedback loud and clear, we needed to upgrade the listening experience on Muusical. We are proud today to show you Muusical's new player which solves the two biggest requests our users have consistently expressed and a good deal more.

Muusical's new player!

We chose a design that can be immersive but with a few clicks of the mouse (or keyboard) can also be nearly invisible. The new player has 3 main parts:

the control bar,

The Muusical player control bar.

the song list,

The Muusical player song list.

and the video container.

The Muusical player video container.

The controls will feel familiar. We used standard icons to identify them.

Play / Pause
Skip to next song
Skip to previous song
Show/Hide video
Toggle Maximize / Minimize video size
Show/Hide song list

We also created keyboard shortcut controls.

space bar
Toggle Play/Pause
right arrow
Skip to next song
left arrow
Skip to previous song
Show/Hide video
Toggle Maximize/Minimize video size
Show/Hide song list

Though there seems like a lot going on, the behavior of the player is quite simple. There is a list of songs loaded in the player. You can access them by opening up the song list. The player controls start, stop and navigate you through the song list. You may directly choose to play a song in the list by clicking the icon for that song.

Replacing the song list in the player is done by clicking any icon on the main part of the page. This will load all the songs on the page into the player, replacing the current list. The new player sees all the songs on a page as a potential song list whether they are from search results, top songs for a day or an actual playlist. If you have been listening to songs and you want to return to the page that you loaded the songs from, just click the list title at the top of the song list and you will be redirected back to that page.

Muusical's new player is a great improvement to the listening experience of the site but it also better supports the community aspect as well. Now you may listen to the music and engage the community simultaneously with no interuptions. We always hold that the community curration and discussion is what is unique to Muusical and the new player supports and enhances this.

As always we would love to hear feedback about our new changes, future improvements you'd like to see or anything else on your mind. We are still in the earliest stages of development and want our users to be a part of the process the entire way.