Announcing a New Format for

February 8th, 2015

We have decided to change the format of Muusical. Songs will no longer be divided into separate groups based on the day they were posted. This is in response to feedback from our users and a bit of our own contemplation. One of the great things about building a new product is that we can experiment and learn from our user's experiences.

New format ordered by "hotness".

Over the past few months users have told us about the difficulty accessing music that was posted more than a week in the past. As an example, one of our users pointed out that other than a distinct search for an artist or title, there was no way to find a song posted two months ago other than clicking the "Prev 3 days" link twenty times. As the library of music on Muusical builds, this issue will only grow more painful. Removing the grouping will make browsing through the songs on Muusical more simple and intuititve, espeically when focusing on a particular genre.

Additionally, not grouping songs by day also removes the "east coast bias". Muusical had this bias because the definition of a day was locked to the Eastern Time Zone. Our new format will still limit the voting period for a song to 24 hours but the elimination of the grouping by day puts every user on equal ground, regardless of time zone.

To support this new format we have introduced a new way of ordering the songs. You will now see the option for "Hot" next to "New" and "Score". "Hot" is the default choice and it uses an algorithm similar to reddit's for assigning a "hotness score" to a song. To calculate a song's "hotness", votes and other actions are tallied into a raw score which is then weighted towards songs posted more recently. This will have the effect of keeping the music that people like near the top of the list while letting the music our users find less interesting move off of the front page more quickly. Ordering by "New" simply shows the most recently posted songs first. Choosing "Score" orders songs by their raw score and does not include any of the weighting in the reddit-style algorithm.

Hopefully you will all find the new format to be a big improvement. Although most of the functionality of Muusical remains the same, this format change represents a fundamental shift in our thinking about the site. We are eagerly awaiting your feedback about the new format. We also expect to make some follow-up changes to the site in the upcoming weeks and months in relation to the this announcement.