is Entering Private Beta

July 13th, 2015

Today we are launching a brand new version of as a private beta release. We have introduced sweeping changes across the site and would like to first test these changes with a limited set of users before opening it up to the general public. If you have previously signed up for an account with you are already approved for the private beta. If you would like to join the private beta, create an account and we will send you a notification email when your account is approved.

Sign up for the private beta today!

We are very excited about this new version of Muusical. It represents a significant change in direction for us. The goal of Muusical is now to organize all of the free music on the internet into a site that offers a listening experience that rivals any of the premium music services currently available. There are literally billions of songs uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud versus just 30-37 million on Spotify and Apple Music. The problem with the free sites is the lack of structure in their music data. Music listeners expect songs to be organized by artist and album and to include other metadata. This is the problem the new is designed to solve.

An artist on the new

An album on the new

Those familiar with previous versions of will find the listening experience to be very similar. We have made some improvements to the player to boost the speed and reliability but the interface is largely the same. If you ever find yourself confused about the player controls simply click the icon and a window with instructions will popup.

The Muusical Player.

There are so many exciting changes to Muusical that you are really just going to have to get in there and see for yourself. From the new artists and albums to a fancy versioning system to keep track of changes this update is closer to a brand new site than just a new version. You may read some more detail about the changes on our private beta landing page.

We are looking for music geeks, nerds, lovers and historians (professional or amature). If you have ever alphabetized your CD collections or spent time organizing all your music into folders for winamp then the new Muusical is for you. Together we can organize all the music out there once and for all and it will be free for everyone to use. Muusical is a true citizen of the internet. Whenever you want to share a song, playlist or an album with someone simply share the link. No need to worry about which music service they use, they will be able to listen to what you shared immediately even if they don't have a Muusical account.

The last beautiful thing about our approach is that the artists still get paid. The artists (or their labels and lawyers) work out deals with YouTube and SoundCloud to show advertising when their song plays. This advertising is still shown on the Muusical Player. We are essentially opening a little portal to these external sites from Not only do the artists get paid, they get paid even more because their songs are getting more plays. Everyone wins with the new!

If you already have an account with us simply sign in now! If not, sign up for an account today and we will let you know when you are approved to participate in the private beta. We are delighted to have all of you join us and help create the next digital music revolution!